Located in the Hudson Valley’s Columbia County, Chatham, NY is well-known for its welcoming, small-town vibe, as well as its unique shops and galleries, beautifully maintained public parks, and yummy dining options. Chatham’s population ranges from a mere 1,658 to 4,120, depending on the source.

Chatham Schools

The Chatham Central School District educates the students of Chatham. The district estimates they have around 1,000 students spread between Mary E Dardess Elementary School (PreK-5th), Chatham Middle School (6th-8th), and Chatham High School (9th-12th).

The district prides itself on providing “an education that nurtures intellectual curiosity and focuses on academic and cultural foundations.”

The district is committed to making certain all students will “graduate with the knowledge, problem-solving abilities, and character needed to participate ethically, adapt, succeed, and contribute in their future educational, career, and community endeavors.”

According to Niche, the Chatham Central School District has earned an overall rating of B+, with the highest individual scores in teachers, college prep, academics, and clubs and activities. The district also boasts a student to teacher ratio of 10 to 1.

Students at Chatham Middle School and Chatham High School have plenty of extracurricular activities to choose from, including sports and clubs. Sports include track, tennis, football, and baseball. Clubs range from the National Art Honor Society, the Photography Club, and Shakespeare and Company to the Community Service Club, Math League, and the Photography Club.

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Parks and Recreation in Chatham

Crellin Community Park is a popular spot for all Chatham residents, as well as visitors to the area.

In addition to frequently serving as the site of community events, Crellin Park has tennis and basketball courts, soccer fields, a softball field, a trout stream for fishing, a community garden, children’s playgrounds, a hiking trail, pavilions with snack bars, and an area for swimming that has a lifeguard on duty during certain hours.

The park also boasts a disc golf park, 2,500 sq. ft. skatepark, swimming beach, and during the icy winter months, a skating rink. For children living in Chatham, the park offers a summer recreation program, swimming lessons, and summer camps.

The Hand Hollow Conservation Area is also located in Chatham. Overseen by the Columbia Land Conservancy, Hand Hollow spans 518 acres of mostly wooded land, making it perfect for biking, hiking, snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, and seeing a variety of wildlife in their natural habitat.

Photo credit: dec.ny.gov

At any given time, you may spot a group of wild turkey, beavers, otters or even the occasional black bear and bobcat. 10-acre Spiegelberg Lake is also on the property, which tends to be favored by kayakers, as are two additional ponds and multiple streams. Fishing is allowed with a permit.

Ooms Conservation Area is also located in Chatham. It is situated on 180 acres of land and runs into 35-acre Sutherland Pond.

Photo credit: inspirock.com

The well-maintained trails make hiking easy and allow for spectacular views of the Catskill Mountains, rolling grasslands, and woodlands.

There is a gazebo and several benches on the property, which are ideal places to relax and watch the birds or the permitted fishers that can often be seen around the pond. Kayakers can usually be spotted too. During the winter months, Ooms is known for serving as a great site for cross-country skiing.

One of the most interesting sites in Chatham is Taconic Sculpture Park. Here, huge sculptures created by local sculptor, Roy Kanwit, can be seen.

Photo credit: Flickr

Most involve mythological creatures, such as gods, goddesses, and a waving dragon. You’ll know you are in the right place when you see the giant Mother Earth head sculpture and the welcoming Gaea sculpture, which Kanwit created because he knows that people like to visit his property and view his work.

Weather in Chatham

Chatham summers are warm and wet, while the winters are incredibly cold with a good chance of snow.

The warmest months of the year last from May 28 to September 17, with temperatures reaching an average daily high above 71°F.

This also happens to be the wettest part of the year, with a more than 30% chance of rain on any given day. During the frigid winter months, the temperature rarely rises above 41°F, at its highest.

It’s not unusual for temperatures to go as low as 16°F It’s also common for the town to get around 50 inches of snow during this time of year.

Fortunately, the town has a plan in place for inclement weather in the hopes of keeping the roads as clear of ice and snow as possible.

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