Hudson is a charming historic city with a population of around 6,000. Located at the headwaters of the Hudson River, it is the county seat of Columbia County.

Home to a racially diverse and lively population which mainly consists of young couples, singles, weekenders and childless older couples. The people of Hudson take a great pride in their community, and there is always something fun to do for residents and visitors alike.

The local economy is all about tourism. Tourists head here attracted by the charming historic buildings, the many quaint antique stores, the high-quality restaurants, the attractive small hotels and bed and breakfasts, and the huge music festival which takes place every year.

Located as it is in what was once the breadbasket of the Colonies, the food and farming culture is outstanding, and the weekly Farmers’ Market is an important focus of city life.

The LGBT community has been attracted to Hudson over recent years and has contributed strongly to the City, especially taking a leading role in the renovation of historic buildings.

The city is considered to hold one of the finest collections of historic buildings in the country, with hundreds of properties either listed or eligible to be listed in National or State registers.

Only 120 miles north of New York City, Hudson is an Amtrak ride away, make it a possible commute, especially for those who can work at home for part of the time.

Things To Do And See In Hudson

Check Out Warren Street

A stroll down Hudson’s historic Warren Street is a great starting point for exploring Hudson. Here you will find elegant period buildings, antique shops, cute little specialty stores and of course, wonderful places to eat and drink. Once a center for bars and brothels, a hundred years or more later, Warren Street caters for a high-end crowd with money to spend.

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Warren Street is a honeypot for antiques, but check out the riverside area, as well as little stores tucked away in unexpected corners.

The general range of antiques tends to be high quality with a higher price, but bargains are always to be found by the avid hunter. With seventy or more antique outlets in the City, you are bound to find a treasure or two.

The Hudson River School Of Painting

As well as antiques, Warren Street is home to some high-quality galleries, and here you can find both modern art and classic examples of works from the famous Hudson River School. These romantic images are highly prized and collectible, but you can also find work by up and coming young artists who might be the great ones of tomorrow.

The Olana State Historic Site

If you are an art lover, you will want to make the pilgrimage to The Olana State Historic Site, home of the renowned member of the Hudson River School, Frederick Edwin Church. With 250 gorgeous landscaped acres to enjoy, it’s essential to book your visit in advance for this very popular attraction, which only allows limited numbers of visitors each day.

Music, Theatre, Film and Drama

After dark, Hudson springs to life with a wide variety of performing arts venues hosting top-line artists from all genres. Check out Basilica Hudson in particular for exciting and innovative presentations, including a couple of large festivals throughout the year. The annual music festival is said to be the largest in the State, attracting over 100 acts each year and growing.

FASNY Firefighting Museum

The country’s premier firefighting museum, this is both educational and fun for the whole family. And yes, your kids can get to slide down a pole!

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Homes for Sale in Hudson

Let’s Eat!

Hudson is a true gourmet destination, but you can find plenty of down home comfort food too. Move away from Warren Street to find some tucked away gems.

Restaurants and eateries to check out include Bartlett House, with a chic, relaxed atmosphere and French-style eating, accompanied by the best in New York State wines. In nearby Ghent, it’s definitely worth the short fifteen-minute drive.

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Café La Perche offers great snacks, breakfasts, and brunches, and we love the outside patio, especially in summer.

For a change of pace, and some mouth tantalizing South East Asian flavors, try Hudson Food Studio, which also comes with minimal sticker shock!

For the Farm to Table vibe, check out Grazin’ Diner, if you feel a really special burger made from the finest local ingredients.

Backbar is one of our favorite spots for grazing and cocktails. It’s a great place for a night of drinking just a bit too much and eating a succession of small plates of delicious nibbles.

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