If you are considering buying Saratoga, NY real estate, this insider guide will give you a good feel for what you can expect as a resident of this very attractive part of the state.

Favorite Residential Areas In Saratoga County

Every part of Saratoga County has something to offer the new resident, but naturally, some areas are more popular than others.

Take your time, look around, and you will find the very best place for you, reflecting your needs and wants.

Here are just a few of the many wonderful small towns and suburbs which you might like to explore.

Saratoga Springs

This pretty little town offers the classic suburban lifestyle. It’s easy to reach both New York City and Boston from Saratoga Springs by rail, and the schools are considered some of the best in the State.

A good choice of restaurants, stores, coffee shops and bars means you don’t have to run to the city all the time, and the many parks give the small town a spacious, airy feel.

Ballston Spa

If you are looking for a small community with a good neighborly feel, then Ballston Spa might be for you. A quiet, somewhat conservative community of fewer than 3,000 people, it’s noted for its good public schools and attractive homes.

Clifton Park

Clifton Park is a slightly larger suburban community of around 35,000 people. It has good schools, lots of excellent restaurants, bars and stores, and many people work right there in town, giving it a home town feel.

There are plenty of running and bike trails around the edge of town, so you get the best of small-town and country living combined.


Wilton is a very desirable community served by an excellent school district.

A diverse community where people take pride in the appearance of their property, and plenty of other small communities nearby means you have a wide choice of dining and entertainment on hand. Summers are idyllic, winters can be tough, but that applies to the whole of Saratoga County!

Things To Do In Saratoga County

Horse Racing…And They’re Off!

Home to one of the most famous racetracks in the US, if not the world! If you like horses, you will love Saratoga. Spotting a string of thoroughbreds out on the gallops on a misty morning is one of the most heart-stopping experiences you will experience in Saratoga.

The most famous race at the Saratoga course is the Travers stakes, sometimes called the Midsummer Derby, which attracts racing fans from far and wide.

Lake George And The Adirondack Mountains

If you love the great outdoors, then Saratoga County has some of the best wilderness experiences in the country. In just an hour you can be hiking, boating, rock climbing, and in the winter, skiing.

Historic Sites and Buildings

If you love to be surrounded by history, then Saratoga Springs has much to offer. There are great museums, like the National Museum of Dance, and of course, some stunning historic homes (some of which occasionally come on to the market.)

Photo credit: saratoga-springs.org

Public Art In The Streets

Everywhere you go in Saratoga Springs itself, you will find statues of horses and ballet shoes, and other dance and turf related themes.

Saratoga is known for its strong connections with dance, especially ballet. Wandering around, it seems that there is something lovely to enjoy around every corner.

Coffee Shops, Bars, Restaurants and Farmers Markets

This is a county that loves to snuggle down on a wintery day with a great cup of coffee, or enjoys sipping a long cocktail on a summer evening.

It’s also something of a foodie paradise, with a lot of small farms bringing fresh produce to the many farmers’ markets that can be found all over the area. And of course, there are some world-class gourmet dining experiences to enjoy throughout the county.

Health And Wellbeing

Saratoga was once known as “The Queen of Spas” and was famous for its health-giving springs, and to this day, it’s a healthy place to live, with a great lifestyle and plenty of opportunities for exercise, recreation and access to the best of wholesome farm-grown food.

You can find a variety of alternative health practitioners, spas and wellbeing centers throughout the county, as well of course as excellent conventional health services.

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